There’s Still So Far To Go

Why that’s incredibly inspiring, instead of discouraging.

Vincent Van Patten


Sunrise. Osaka, Japan. Photo by the author.

Today I was on a call with my back ability group. I was telling them about a pain that I’ve been having in my mid-back above the hips, a pain that’s remained consistent throughout my back pain journey.

Am I doing something wrong? I asked Brendan, our coach.

It’s not that you’re doing something wrong, he said. It sounds like that pain is deep in the back, and it’s likely just going to take time and progression.

He named various exercises and said he couldn’t imagine me still having that pain once I get to a certain point of low back strength and mobility. There are layers of progression yet to unlock; ability to attain.

I’ve been doing direct lower back training for over half a year. Still, this is really the beginning of my back healing journey.

I know this isn’t an overnight fix. It took me seven years to get like this. It’s gonna take time to unravel. I’m signed up for the long haul.

And while I can’t be certain when I’ll ultimately heal, I can be certain of this:

I’ll never give up, and I will heal.

On every one of these calls, I understand a little more. There’s still much to improve, boundless potential.

There’s still so far to go.

That means that this is not the end.

With any challenge we face, we can see the road ahead as insurmountable, or as the adventure of our lives.

The most important, yet often most difficult, part of the journey is keeping the faith when you don’t have a reason to. Believing that you will reach the goal when you can’t see how.

We might not yet have evidence that we’ll get out of debt, lose the weight, break the addiction, succeed with the business; it’s in that crucial stage when a fiercely optimistic mentality must supersede proof.

I believe the future is fated. I’m already healthy, whole, playing sports, training, living my life pain free.

I’m already a successful writer, podcaster, creator, living life on my terms.



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