The Song That Guides Me

A birthday poem. What I have discovered on the journey of my life.

Vincent Van Patten
6 min readSep 7


Photo of the author. Shirahige Shrine, Lake Biwa, Japan.

Thought I’d be on my own
When I came to Japan,
Lone wolf wanderin’
With his paper and his pen.
At least I’d have my dream and that would
Sustain; it has and it will
A dream to understand.
Fuck was I wrong, made
Lifelong friends
On our individual journeys
Improving crying falling
Hand in hand.
Wings collect dust
At home.
Friends are out there
Looking for you
As you’re looking for them. So be bold.

On the
Journey of your life
You’ll feel alone
Your body quake
Shiver with unexplainable emotion when
Walking in the sun.
Shit is seldom easy,
Memories of what you left and fear of what’s to come —
But the body’s made to face that fear
It knows it’s made for something more
So it flutters when
It lays there
Spirit’s made to fucking soar
There’s something out there and it’s listening
To words knocking on my heart’s door
Contained they have no meaning
Heart bursts and that’s my art
Colored with uncertainty,
Iridescent in summer light —
And though you’ll feel alone at times
You’ll find beauty in
Nuances of strangers
Answers in redolent fragrances
Of flowers stemming through broken gates
As the feeling of the early morning sun
Lifts you up
Again and again, no
Matter how the heavy the darkness of the night becomes.
You’ll crave the moon as you do the sun
And dance carelessly beneath its glow
After walking miles in unshadowed daylight.
You’ll bare your soul
As you make it through the days
And while not everyone can know it or
Grasp it or understand it, it’ll grow
Walking atop fields of grass and
Roads of dirt and pavement.
I believe in you, bruh,
The streets my stage
The nights my canvas
The days an endless empty page.
At least I have my dream, and that will
Entertain me.
Don’t stop now. Pour oil on



Vincent Van Patten

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