Opening Primal Wounds to Heal Chronic Pain

The physical wound is a roadmap into the psychological wound if we’re willing to take the road less traveled and go there.

Vincent Van Patten
6 min readMay 26, 2024


Getting back to what I love. Tokyo.

I stand on the precipice between my past and the rest of my life, which is indeed where each of us stands in every moment.

The difference is that from where I stand the path diverges from the predictable future in which many of us progress if we don’t consciously seek change — into the unpredictable.

This is the path which we create. And that takes wanting to change.

Needing to.

And I need my life to change.

But there’s nothing outside of me to alter. I only need to look within, deeply and truly, and let what’s within come without.

I’m still working through physical pain. This will take time. My brain still sends me the physical sensations it’s conditioned to send, protecting me from the emotional pain I’ve suppressed.

But every day I’m doing the work; the body will change when the brain understands I don’t need the protection anymore.

While the body has yet to fully shift, my mind has transformed.