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Vincent Van Patten
Exploring what lights my soul on fire. Inspired writer, media creator, and host of The Dare to Dream Podcast⚡️

I’m an inspired citizen of our ever-changing world, exploring what lights my soul on fire.

For the first time, my beliefs were genuinely put to the test

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

A few hours ago the sky was overcast and moody. A drizzle had been coming down all afternoon to awaken the Earth — the smells of the mountain, the colors of the flowers and the cold evening air brought me profound joy.

I love this weather; especially while I hiked the orange bluffs close to my house.

I was driving home a few blocks from my place. All of a sudden, a car jumps behind me. It stays close on my tail. The other day I was walking down this hill, backwards, on an early morning walk.

backwards, it…

To move forward, each of us must realize that our way isn’t the only way

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

We stand at a pivotal point in human history; when the world needs acceptance and unconditional love more than anything else, we’re caught in the perverse versus mindset.

This time isn’t easy for anybody. We’re all doing our best with what we know, but often it can feel like being “right” is more important than finding the truth.

While we should be able to openly discuss all options, concerns, and perspectives of this pandemic to seek the truth, we’re too often pitted against each other. …

What Erasmus of Rotterdam and Martin Luther’s intertwined tale can teach us about our own, modern perspectives.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

We’re living in a similar day to that of the Age of Exploration, where change is taking place at a rate where the information we decide to omit from our daily lives has become more essential than what we choose to let into our consciousness.

At the end of the fifteenth century, news of discovery after discovery from distant shores flooded the continent. …

I can't tell you how powerful this is George! There are many points that I align with; I'm twenty-five-years-old and strongly considering moving to Japan to teach English, write, and develop as a human being through facing the unknown.

It looks like you're a Jordan Peterson fan so you're familiar with this concept! My Youtube feed is full of his Biblical Lectures and podcasts; I can't get enough of JP.

Face the unknown voluntarily to grow into everything we're meant to be.

It's challenging to see the moment we're in as necessary for our growth -- but I strongly believe everything we go through is for a reason. I'm grateful to have found this story my man🙏🏻 Keep your head up, keep learning, keep growing, keep enjoying! That's what this is all about.

Cheers sir!

Words of gratitude on Mother’s Day — our presence means more than gifts

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

I’m writing this early in the morning; I love the stillness of this early hour. The signs of night drift off, the birds begin their chatter, it’s the dawn of a new day.

It feels like everything moves slowly — — my mind is clear and free. It’s a reminder that time is what we make of it.

As it’s Mother’s Day, I’d…

To watch a bird soar and listen to its song of joy

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

What is it that brings me here, this mountain top that looks upon the life unfurling in green trees and orange hills? They make their way to the steel blue sea, all cloaked in mystery, behind the veil of early morning mist.

I look upon this great land, where from up here time slows and walks, before the rising of the sun, an ancient sign that the day’s begun. Why do I feel hesitant to step down from this mountain?

To face the world below? An empty sky makes way for empty space; down here, we’re all just looking for…

Favorite Books Series

Fictional thoughts from Leonardo da Vinci, the quintessential student of life

Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

My name is Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci, as I’m from the Tuscan hilltop town of Vinci, outside of Firenze, Italy. All my life, I’ve been driven by one thing: .

My contemporaries know me primarily as a painter, an ; but I consider myself much more than that. I’m a student of life, and find myself endlessly fascinated by the ways in which the world works and how it’s all connected.

In 1487, when I was thirty-five-years-old, the authorities of Milano were seeking an architect for their cathedral. …

I return to nature as my unwavering source of inspiration

Photo by Erico Marcelino on Unsplash

Sunlight; it warms us through and provides nourishment for practically all the sentient life on Earth. The Sun acts as a guide that steers us towards happiness and sustenance. When we fall, when we’re down, it often only takes a step into the sunlight to feel alive once again.

The Sun is like some benevolent, encompassing energy, unable to be looked at head on, yet it bolsters our path forward from above — for the Sun provides hope.

A tree as old as time, a tree as old as life itself, revels in the sunlight. Beginning as a seed, a…

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